Justin Timberlake Concerts – Seeing Justin Live
February 17th, 2010

Justin TimberlakeJustin Timberlake concerts have been something of a rarity lately, and the only one scheduled is on February twelfth, which is rapidly arriving. It isn’t actually a concert, since he is appearing at a winter fashion show, but he may get to make some music. If you’re a fan and want to see him live, then try checking his website frequently for updates. You can join their fan list and get sent automatic updates as well. Here, we’ll talk a little bit about what makes his concerts so popular, as well as how to best plan ahead to be sure to see him when you get the chance.

Justin Timberlake concerts are known for their energy and style. The singer slash actor is a powerful stage presence, who dominates with his voice and stance. It also helps that he is a pretty good looking guy. His musical style ranges from rhythm and base to dance, from electronica to straightforward pop. He is the winner of six Grammy Awards and two Emmy Awards. He frequently appears on events like MTV music awards and related things, and has a healthy acting career.

If you want to see one of the upcoming Justin Timberlake concerts, then the best thing to do is stay updated so you can plan ahead of time. Knowing where and when he will be performing is important, because if you are a die-hard Timberlake fan you may need to make a bit of a trip to get there. He plays mostly at larger venues, and in larger cities. Getting tickets online ahead of time is a good idea, because his shows tend to sell out days in advance of actually playing. Getting your tickets ahead of time will also save you a little money, especially if you get there and have to resort to buying scalped tickets (which is not only expensive, but illegal, and the tickets might not even be legitimate).

Keeping an eye out for Justin Timberlake concerts is usually worth it, however rare they are. The man’s unique stage presence, not to mention the energy of the huge crowds that come to see him, make his shows a great experience for all ages. They are usually very safe places to be because the venues know that there are a lot of younger people attending, but if younger teens are attending they should be accompanied by an adult.

Lady Ga Ga Concerts – Ra Ra Ah Ah Ah
February 16th, 2010

Lady GagaLady Ga Ga concerts are becoming a well known phenomenon, due to the kooky songstress’s unique performances. The singer songwriter definitely has a unique style of dressing, and her powerful, in your face style of singing during performance can really get the crowd going. There have also been a number of controversial performances (such as the infamous gender-bending business). Here, we’ll take a look at what the poker faced singer is like in concert, as well as some of her upcoming show dates.

Lady Ga Ga concerts are currently going on in Europe. She is touring Great Britain, Ireland, and later flying to New Zealand and Australia. She has a brief Japan tour after that. She will not be returning to the United States until at least April, and perhaps even later. If you want to see her, your best bet is to wait until a show is announced on her website and then try and get the tickets in advance. If you are a stark raving mad fan or are heading that way anyway, however, you could always try to catch her in Europe or Japan. We wouldn’t blame you.

One of the more famous Lady Ga Ga concerts was when she was subsequently accused of being a hermaphrodite, or possibly even a man. It is fairly obvious that she is something of a prankster and ground-shaker, and likes to mess with people’s heads. It is almost certain, therefore, that she intentionally stuck something down her undies to throw off anyone who stared at them for too long. She also wears controversial outfits (such as dresses made only of plastic bubbles, in which she was photographed for the cover of Rolling Stone) that have caused a lot of stir among fashionistas.

Whether you love her or hate her, and whether you think she’s a wacky songwriter or a tarted up strumpet, you’ve got to admit that Lady Ga Ga concerts are a unique experience. If you do plan to attend one, make sure to plan ahead for them, as they tend to fill up quickly. Getting tickets online ahead of time is always a good idea, because no one wants to be left outside a sold out show without a ticket (scalpers tend to charge a lot of money for big shows). If you’re a fan, check her website frequently for your chance to see her live.